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About Us


Who is Bellerophon?


In Ancient Greece Bellerophon was a mortal human who was sent to slay the demon Chimera- a mythical beast and soul stealer that terrorized the lands. The Chimera was part lion, part dragon, part goat and part snake and was undefeated. To achieve this task Bellerophon needed to first catch and then tame and finally ride the spirited winged horse Pegasus who outwitted all others that attempted to ride him. Together with the help of a golden bridle that Bellerophon received as a gift from the goddess Athena, Bellerophon and Pegasus rode out and killed the evil Chimera and restored balance and peace to the land. Bellerophon was the only mortal known to ever have tamed Pegasus and he was a celebrated hero. After his triumph, Bellerophon returned to the people and to the lands, and Pegasus who was mortal was immortalized by Zeus via a constellation in the stars.  Bellerophon symbolizes the ability of mortals to transcend myth in relationship with the horse and to build a divine relationship and connection. He was not status quo- Bellerophon was exceptional and non-traditional, like Bellerophon Equestrian Aromatherapy products named in his honor.


Our History

 Bellerophon Equestrian Aromatherapy products for the mindful horse and rider were created by a horse lover from Canada as a part time business. The formulations contain all Grade A herbs that are formulated and balanced for equines and have been tested and validated over generations of use. Our products focus on behaviour, performance improvement, horse-owner relationship and specific health concerns for your horse. They can be administered topically, by diffusion, using an Equine scarf, or spray bottle mixed with warm water. Not for ingestion, use only as directed.  Bellerophon essential oils are especially formulated for Your Equine.

Regular treatment strengthens the bond between horse and rider for better performance. 


Bellerophon Equine Aromatherapy

A mix of popular equine friendly Grade A Essential Oil extracts to calm  your BFF’s mind & body. Our formulations fall into 3 categories- 1) Therapeutic Equine Aromatherapy- for various conditions such as hoof ailments, allergies, coughs/ colds, or cancer, 2) Performance Enhancement 3) Relationship building/ Emotional bonding horse and rider

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Made with fresh ingredients, custom to use, suited for external use on equines

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